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It is illegal by Law to sell Stun Guns/Tasers in the following States:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,

New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin

  • as well as in the following Cities: Annapolis, MD,
  • Chicago, IL, Denison, IA, Harford, MD, Howard County, MD,
  • Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC
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Tasers are most effective at a distance without having to be up close and personal.  Taser Guns are the preferred non-lethal choice of most law enforcement agencies and private security companies.  If you are being attacked or threatened, you want to avoid getting too close to your attacker.  Taser Guns are great for this.  Stun Guns require your being able to press the stun gun against the attacker, and Taser Guns do not require this. Tasers are a conductive electro-shock weapon that fires 2 small dart like electrodes which stay connected to the main unit by conductors, to deliver electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing neuro-muscular incapacitation.