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Stun Guns

It is illegal by Law to sell Stun Guns in the following States:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,

New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin

as well as following Cities: Annapolis, MD,
Chicago, IL, Denison, IA, Harford, MD, Howard County, MD,
Philadelphia, PA, and Washington DC
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Stun guns are an excellent source of self-defense; they can disable an attacker temporarily when the device delivers a non-lethal, high-voltage electric shock. When used properly they are effective in putting a large individual on the ground in seconds and disabling that person up to 30 minutes or more. Stun guns are not actually guns, they are electronic devices that have electrodes that protrude at the end of the device. The electronic currents range from 200,000 to 20 million volts - and they do not permanently injure or kill anyone regardless of the voltage. They work by causing the assailant's muscles to work very fast and depletes them of needed blood sugars. This is turn causes loss of muscle control, balance, as well as confusion and disorientation rendering the attacker incapable of further aggression. This gives the victim time to escape and get help.

Plumm's has a wide variety of Stun Guns to meet your self defense needs. We provide small to large stun guns that can easily be hidden and this can be critical to you. Probably no self defense item we sell can provide more bang for the buck than stun guns. This is valuable to you in a surprise situation. You need to have the ability to surprise anyone and be able to have the upper hand quickly in any adverse situation. Plumm's Stun Guns provide that ability to give you that upper hand quickly.