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Stun Gun Flashlights

It is illegal by Law to sell Stun Guns in the following States:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,

New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin

as well as following Cities: Annapolis, MD,
Chicago, IL, Denison, IA, Harford, MD, Howard County, MD,
Philadelphia, PA, and Washington DC

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Stun Gun Flashlights are a unique self defense tool in that it is multi-purposeful.
These flashlights possess very bright lumen power that provides lighting for you
but can be used against your assailant by blinding him temporarily. Some Stun
Gun Flashlights have "zoom capability" that provides a narrow beam or a flood-like
style lighting. These flashlights also have 'prongs' at the end that can be used
in a fight giving you additional assistance in "clubbing" & "poking" power. The
voltage varies in the flashlights but 20 million is the highest we sell at Plumm's.

Plumm's offers a variety of Stun Gun flashlights such as The BadAss Stun Baton
& Flashlight, the ZForce Stun Gun Zoomable Flashlight, the 15 Million Volt Bashlite
Stun Gun Flashlight to "Shorty", a 15 Million Volt Flashlight Stun Gun and many
more....These Stun Gun Flashlights will put your assailant on the ground crying
for mercy!!

Stun Gun Flashlights are a nice addition to your self-defense arsenal.
* Always Be Prepared!!