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Police Supplies

It is illegal by Law to sell Stun Guns in the following States:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,

New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin

  • as well as in the following Cities: Annapolis, MD,
  • Chicago, IL, Denison, IA, Harford, MD, Howard County, MD,
  • Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC
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Plumm's carries various Police Supplies such as steel batons, tactical stun flashlights, expandable batons, handcuffs, and various tactical police force tactical duty belts, tactical back packs, flashlights, batons, and cameras, etc. for carrying their various, supplies. These are professional Police quality products that will work in any situations. You would be proud to own these items, and represent the best self defense supplies available, simply the best of anyone's line of products.

If you want to own the best that Plumm's or anyone has, Plumm's has this line of Police Supplies of products available for you.