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Pepper Sprays

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Pepper Sprays are the most popular self defense products especially with females.
Increasing crimes and violent attacks in our communities against innocent
law-abiding citizens has led many individuals to purchase self defense items
such as pepper sprays. Plumm's-Personal-Safety-Solutions carries a wide
assortment of Pepper sprays

There are many brands, sizes, formulas, SHU's and different types of pepper sprays.
Self defense pepper sprays usually contain one of three chemical formulas but on
some occasions combinations of two chemicals can be found. The three types are:
(1) OC - Oleoresin Capsicum, (2) CS - Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile and
(3) CN - Alphachloroacetaphenone. The most effective one and used more
frequently is OC. OC is a natural derivative from hot pepper plants, and it's action
is mainly inflammatory. CN and CS are irritants to membranous tissues and have
been known to cause long-term effects or toxic effects. The heat capacity,
Scoville Heat Units (SHU), carrier agent(s) and spray pattern and density all
determine the effectiveness of the pepper sprays. The Pepper sprays range in
size from 1/2 oz. to 4 oz..

Plumm's carries Pepper sprays in 10%, 18%, Police strength MACE, MACE Triple
Action- OC Pepper spray with tear gas & UV dye, 10% MACE Pepper Spray Gel
and 10% MACE Pepper Spray Foam & UV dye.

Be Prepared Always! Check out Plumm's extensive supply of Pepper Sprays!!