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It is illegal by Law to sell Stun Guns in the following States:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,

New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin

  • as well as in the following Cities: Annapolis, MD,
  • Chicago, IL, Denison, IA, Harford, MD, Howard County, MD,
  • Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC
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Plumms provides a variety of self defensive keychain products such as sting ring, pepper spray, mace, steel batons, stun guns, and other key chain protection devices. Keychain protection devices are literally carried on your keychain and have a minimal chance of getting lost, but are conveniently at your finger tips. Keychains are reasonably small, but mighty, and provide a very good level of protection. As you may have a very short amount of time to get your defensive device out, keychains are near ideal choice.