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This grouping of Home & Business Security is comprised of 3 areas: Diversion Safes, Door/Window Devices, and Motion/Sensory Devices. Diversion Safes are simply decoys that allow you to hide other items within them, such as cans, jars, etc. Door/Window devices alert you to Doors and Windows being opened and allows you to react to their opening. Lastly, Plumm's sells Motion/Sensory devices that if entry is made to your house, etc., you are also made aware via sounds, alarms, etc. and you can react accordingly with Plumm's other devices. The combination of these 3 devices provides a higher level of security and allows you to protect yourself and your family, or business. At all times, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Using these products from Plumm's, you can protect your family and home/business. In today's environment, this is a must. Be safe. Be prepared!!