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Diversion Safes

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Diversion Safes are essentially devices that can effectively hide valuables. Valuables are not just instrinsic valuables, but can refer to many types of valuables such as gold, jewelry, etc. In an armed conflict, it can refer to food, water, armaments, etc. It can also refer to an effort to protect your valuables, such as gold, precious jewels, from thievery, etc. Diversion Safes can protect your valuables if you are camping, you are having a party, simply innumerable situations.

Due to that, Diversion Safes can come in many forms that many people would not expect. Plumm's sells many type of Diversion Safe's from Wall Safe's to simple empty can of soda. Each one has a different purpose that allows you to protect almost anything with size limitations and simply due to the limit of your imagination. The more creative you are, the more protection you will have. Plumm's will continue to add Protection Safe's on an On-Going basis. Do not limit your creativity. You should make every effort to protect your valuables.